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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Barnhill Station 24th to 27th June

We travelled with our new friends Len and Heather and their grandson Josh towards Broome but after a days driving pulled into a reasonably nice rest area. There were lots of other vans there too, some looked like they were staying longer than just the night. But not us, we were here just for the night.
We set up next to each other and someone made a little campfire for us to cook our dinner on. We all sat together under a pergola eating dinner.
When Molly had finished she was wandering around us and suddenly announces that she saw a shooting star. We do the usual “oh aren't you lucky”, “did you make a wish?” noises at her.
Rasmus also looks up to see what she sees. He is so excited by what he sees. “Wow! Come and see this!”. I think he is just over doing the excitement for Molly's sake so I remain seated eating my dinner. He gets even more agitated and the others start to move over to have a look. I am still sitting wondering what all the fuss is about as the shooting star would have been long gone.
Finally, I can't resist Rasmus' exertions anymore and get up to have a look.
There is in fact a huge shooting star making its way across the sky. It goes on for ages before it disappears over the horizon. It was quite a spectacular sight and in the morning Rasmus checks his social network portals and discovers the same star had been seen as far away as Sydney here and here!
I am glad my skepticism didn't make miss the display, although I was ribbed about my slow reaction time mercilessly for the rest of the night.

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25th-27th June
Barnhill Station
We arrived at this stop quite early in the morning which is unusual for us. Len and Heather are a good influence so we got an early start. The road in was a 10km sandy track with about 1000 gates to open and close! Well, it felt like 1000. It was me who had to keep getting in and out of the car to tend to the ruddy things.
We paid for our camping spot and were luckily enough to be able to set up next door to our new best friends even though the park was quite busy. Setting up a nice communal area in between us both to do our daily living.
There were a lot of grey-nomads at this place who had set themselves up for the winter. Complete with bowling green and tournaments. They know how to live :o)
As for us, we preferred the beach.
They had a 6 meter tide which exposed this amazing set of rock pools. The kids spent hours combing the beach for interesting...and not so interesting...shells. Molly discovered the cowrie shell with Heather and had heaps collecting millions of them.
Ben had a terrific experience when he managed to view the very moment a Hermit crab swapped from one shell to another. It happens so quickly; within seconds. Lucky boy. He named the crab Julie, after his mum who had given the said crab his new home.
The receding tide also revealed big coral pools filled with sponges and snake like fish nestled with in them. A big rock formation was a cool spot for a private swimming basin and playing house with hermit crabs, Brittle Star and Fan Worms. The boys had a ball.
We weren't able to swim at the beach as there was the every present warning of sharks and crocs so the fossicking was a great way to pass the time.
The boys gathered a big bucket of hermit crabs and brought them back to the camp site to observe their behaviour, very scientific. However, very much my little boys when it was revealed that they would not be coming with us on our trip. Lots of tears and emotional moments as they were returned from whence they came :o(
Rasmus took a walk on the beach in the afternoon and managed to capture another spectacular sunset. This time arranged artistically between some rocks.
The rest of our time was spent in practice for a special competition coming up, The Sitting around Doing Nothing Cup 2012!!
I did do some baking and tired my hand at a new recipe, Cinnamon Bread. Thanks to Camilla Plum, my new fav TV cook, my baking skills reputation is spreading far and wide. At least to Portland where Heather & Len live. They thought it tasted pretty good!

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