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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gladstone 3 - 5 June

3rd & 4th June
On we travelled again. This time we chose a place off the main road a bit. We had to open a gate to get through and then came 10kms of the bumpiest and most corrugated dirt road we had encountered up till now.
By the time we arrived at our camp spot the caravan need totally rearranging. Bits and bobs had moved and shifted but thankfully all the cupboards had held tight.
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We were met at the camp ground by the Caretaker who looked liked he had spent about 1000 years in the sun and had never trimmed his beard. However, he was very helpful and we found a lovely camp spot right on the water's edge.
We spent our time doing the usual- that is, at much at all; sleeping and eating were periodically broken up with book reading and swimming.
They had a very old jetty which had slipped into retirement without much fanfare. A hand made stone and pebble path had been constructed so that you could walked out to what was left of the jetty, only the vertical support beams. The kids tight roped their way out as far as they could while I hung on for dear life while trying to look cool, as another family were there too.
From the end of the jetty you could see some really big fish, or so I was told.
The only vaguely dramatic event to interrupt our tranquility was the visit from the Wild Life and Fisheries Dept. They were on the hunt for illegally sized fish and looked in our fridge, rubbish bins and esky. No stone left unturned in their pursuit of peccable fishermen!
After our 2 days of lapping up yet more sunshine we battened down the hatches for the bumpy drive back to the main road.
Apart from the usual dishevel inside the van we also lost one of the side mirrors! We are really living on the edge heh!

Little Bike ride

5th June
Rest stop before Carnarvon
As we made our way to Carnavon we had to make an overnight stop at one of the free rest areas that we have made use of many times during our journey.
The rest stops are usually not very exciting. Some are better than others in that they have toilets and a shaded picnic area. Often there is nothing more than a rubbish bin, a pull-in from the main road!
In some places they can be full of other rest overnighters and still others we are the only ones.
The one we stopped at tonight was pretty simple. Just a rubbish bin.
All went well during the night as per the usual. It wasn't until the morning that disaster struck!
We were packing away stuff getting ready to hit the road again, when I asked Rasmus to take a pile of trash we had accumulated during our 20 hour stop over. Which he did as per his usual obedient manner. Thanks Hubby.
It wasn't till later, after having searched for his prized Kindle for several hours, that he put two and two together and came up with Kindle thrown into rubbish bin with the rest of trash!!!!
He'd had the Kindle in his hand when I loaded him up with our rubbish and must of dumped the whole lot in with out giving it a thought. Dopey Hubby.

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