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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ocean Grove 2nd - 5th Feb

Ocean Grove
Rasmus had been itching for some sand so we landed in Ocean Grove in a lovely caravan park near the beach.

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After we had unpacked and had our dinner we went for a walk to have a 'look' at the ocean. The kids took one look at the waves and ripped their clothes off. Despite how cold it was they had the best time. It was so good to see them giggling. We went home with them soggy and sandy ready for bed.

School introduction
Molly and Balance bike
The other huge change that began at Ocean Grove was the boys starting their new school year. They were so excited to begin it all- even Molly.
It was only an introduction section to be completed but there was much enthusiasm that day- I wondered if that would continue. Fingers crossed.

Thorups and HC visit
We even had a fab visit from the Thorups!! It was great to share lunch and then spend the afternoon at the beach together. Molly was on the boogie board for hours with Erik and came in from the ocean grinning from ear to ear. We hardly saw Ben and their son Joakim as they spent the day digging their way to China. I was sad to see them leave :o(
All of our time was spent at the beach over the next 3 days.

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The departure from the caravan park drew many helpers as Rasmus attempted to pull out from the camp site. A 30 foot appendage is difficult to manoeuvre!! It was finally achieved and we were on our way again.

Sunset Ocean Grove
Thanks to Thorups and H.C.

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