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Monday, February 27, 2012

Canadian Reserve & Halls Gap 19 to 27 feb

Molly and Kangaroo Skull
Canadian Reserve

Just a one night stop over at Canadian Reserve on our way to Halls Gap. We didn't unhitch the vans- just pulled up next to each other and did the basics.
We were parked next to a lake so naturally Ben had to try his luck-unfortunately there was none that day. But there were plenty of other water creatures for him to examine and the others managed to find the mud which surrounded the water despite the very firm 'stay away from the mud ' cries from the parents.

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Emu at Campground

Lucky us, we got a super deal (great spotting Kaz) and got to stay at the local caravan park. Complete with power, water on tap and a pool!
It was a lovely camping-ground and had two resident emus which roamed around accepting snacks in a very polite manner. Each evening heaps of kangaroos would come and hang around too. You had to be careful when it got dark as you may walk right into the arms of one of Australia's hairy icons!

Group Pool shot
From walk to the Grand Canyon
Despite the super duper hot weather we had this week (thanks agian Kaz for the finding us a place where we could run our air con and swim like mermaids) we still managed a few walks around The Grampians.

The Pinnacle in the background
Rasmus even shamed us all by getting up early and doing a couple of extra hikes!

Kasper on a hike early one morning
In addition, anybody who knows my Kasper might find this to believe, but he was not only at the front of the pack when we did a big up-hill hike but the next morning he got up early to do another walk with his dad! The world is going crazy!!!
While we are on the topic of Kasper, he got to feed and pat one of his favourite animals when we visited the Halls Gap zoo. As an early birthday present from the Ellis family, Kasper and his mate Will (who was also celebrating his birthday but not early like Kasper) went into the Meerkat enclosure and got to spend some close-up time with them whilst feeding them corn and live, wriggling worms! Lucky boys!
As a treat Karen put together an old-style party for Will's birthday with pass-the-parcel, musical statues and party pies. We finished off the day, and our stay at Halls Gap, with a huge 4 minute downpour and a delicious meal at the local pub.

Halls Gap Local

Walking with toddler

Candy Shop in Halls Gap

Bike ride to Zoo


Benjamin wishing Anton Happy B'day

The Pinnacle Lookout
Feeding Bambi

Dot painting Boomerangs
Lunch with a peacock
In the Grand Canyon

Pool Jumping

At the Balconies

a little rain
Grand Canyon
Half shave and half haircut

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