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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yacka 19th - 21st March

We left Hahndorf about 11am without too many issues. It still surprises me however, how long it takes us to pack up even when we haven't fully unpacked. Guess some things will always remain a mystery :o)
The trip was uneventful apart but was punctuated with a stop at an auto shop to pick up some bits and bobs.
After a couple of hours, we arrived at our destination...Yacka. Population 90!!

Our arrival had raised the total amount by almost 6%

The town, you can imagine, is quite small infact, it took Rasmus 9 minutes & 3 second to ride from one end of town and back again. I think I could do that trip :o)

The camping place is quite pretty with some amazing mosaic picnic tables which the town's residents have created and it is very clean so that is good enough for us.

We pottered around in the last few hours of the day. Setting up camp, playing in the playground, watching a bit of TV.

The next day we spent most of the morning catching up on some school work. It got to hot for me to do any thing so we hung around the caravan again sewing, reading and eating.
It has been a very lazy couple of days but so nice.

The most activity we did was shave the boys hair! And when I say 'we' I mean 'Rasmus'. He finally conned Ben into cutting his lovely long hair for $20!!!! (Was it wrong of me to tell Ben he had prostituted his hair?) Then at the last moment Kasper chirped up he needed a cut too. He always gets it shaved but nobody told me about HOW short it would be!! Good thing he is cute and can get away with it :o)
Despite the 35oC day we had had I woke up in the middle of the night to rain. I got up to check if everything was water tight but in the morning when we were packing up I realised that the roof bag had been left open so we had to drag the camping stuff out to dry it before we repacked it again.
But the biggest thing to happen on this day was my hubby's birthday :o)
I had been nagging him about what he would like but he couldn't think of anything so we finally agreed that having a year off from work was birthday present enough.
We had a nice lunch at Stonehut to celebrate. A lady we had meet told us of the best sausage rolls she had ever eaten so we thought it was worth a visit and the lovely setting in a small vineyard made it worth it too.
We even managed a birthday cake for dinner at the new camping-ground we arrived in.
Happy birthday Rasmus xxxx

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