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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ceduna 11 - 12th April

At A1 Caravan park
The last town before heading onto the Nullarbor we were told that there was a fruit and vegie declaration station just as you left the township heading west.
We had been caught out with a weeks worth of the stuff at the Vic/SA boarder so we were going to be really clever and be very prepared this time- we were not fools.
So, we decided to stay the night and get it done properly.
Naturally, we chose the cheapest caravan park, which also happened to be the dodgy-est looking. No problems, we were here for an adventure!
There wasn't really much going for the town itself. Shops and take away food places for the most part.
Exploring the rocks… then came back snorkeling later
But there was the beach and our newly acquired snorkeling gear so as I holed myself up in the van doing yet more assignment work Rasmus took the kids out to get wet and wild :o)
They had a fab time and I got nothing done as the internet dropped out and I didn't know how to get it back, or contact my computer techie (hubby).
In their absence I did managed to get all the vegies cooked up and the fruit disposed of in an orderly manner (instead of the guzzling that occurred at the last border!).
It was a peaceful and pleasant night despite the permanent park livers enjoying a beer or 15 during the heat of the day-and night! And with power included in the park's fee I could fall asleep to the humming of the television's late night movie-I love doing that :o)

Rasmus: As I rarely take a camera to the beach when snorkeling, there won't be many photos from that sort of activity.
I don't think squirrels come here often 

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