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Monday, April 9, 2012

Elliston (and Streaky Bay) 7 - 9th April

Rough coast in Elliston

As we drove off from Coffin Bay we were still discussing where we would be heading! It was Easter and the school holidays so caravan parks would not only be filled to capacity but also charging premium peak rates. So that was not an option.
Another National Park?
In a corner of my brain I could hear a scream, “NO!!!!!!!”
Where did that come from?
My brain and heart were now waging a war.
The head said, “Please no more National Parks. I need a shower. We never have enough water.”
The heart replied in return, “It's too expensive at this time of year. Wait till after the holidays.”
But we have been in the National Parks for 8 days now. I need to be clean!!!!”, was the head's desperate response.
The heart finally yielded “Yes, I see your point.”
Easter egg bread
Now to suggest it to the hubby-the bank account guardian.
6 loads of washing done by the washer man
I can't do it! I must have a shower! I don't think I can cope till after the holidays! I need to see some grass! I can't look at another beach shrub! Help me! Please let me be clean.” All my frustrations came out like an eruption.
Um....Okay.” Rasmus answered. Baffled by my outburst.
Thanks.” I was equally perplexed with myself.
The stars, moons and planets must have been all aligned that day as we found the perfect spot in a lovely caravan park in the town of Elliston.
It not only had a drive through camping spot which made pulling in (and eventually leaving) a cinch but we pulled up right next to our very own patch of lovely green grass. Heaven :o)
Jetty in Elliston
After quickly unpacking and getting ready for a break the lady from next door came over to say hi. She had noticed our number plates and was a Victorian ex-pat now living in South Australia. We chatted for a while and I mentioned we would be heading off to the shops soon.
She looked at her watch and informed us they were now closed until monday.
It was Easter sunday in the morning and guess who never gets to go to the shops without an eagle eyed child by her side!?!! Guess what the Easter Bunny's helper had had no chance to get!!!???

Coast line Streaky Bay

Vis Elliston på et større kort 

What were we going to do??
I was so distraught my mind was racing 1000 miles (or was it kilometers?) an hour.
Art in Streaky Bay
Streaky Bay Jetty
The lady from next door went and Rasmus and I were left to find a way to fix the pickle we now found ourselves in. What tale could we concoct to tell the kids in the morning without disappointing them on a huge scale?
The next moment there was a knock on the door and the lady from next door was holding out a bag saying, “Here is those things you needed.”
I was dumbfounded and so completely shocked.
A stranger had thought about our plight and responded to it.
You can never get enough of that sort of thing happening to you.
We were so thankful.
So Easter Bunny came after all to our little home.
The rest of our time was filled with lots of activity. Rasmus took the kids swimming in the park pool, took them fishing at the pier across the road, did endless loads of washing, went with Kasper on his first long-distance bike ride. The kids played at the park playground, made more Eastery things and explored the other kids in the park.
I never left the van and my patch of green.
Rasmus: Julie didn't write about Streaky Bay, however since I took more photos there than in Elliston, I have added them to this post.
Bread shop in the bush

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