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Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Norcia 10 - 13th May

Up till now our journey has taken us a great deal of the time along the coastline and we were still really keen to keep up our marine explorations. However, while doing research on where we would be staying next I came along some a little town called New Norcia.
New Norcia
So, although it was not on our usual route and was about 100kms inland on the Great Northern Hwy, it sounded like a fascinating place to visit so off we went. In addition, I liked the sound of a nice quiet town to finish the never ending assignment that was still plaguing the holiday atmosphere I was trying to achieve.
When we arrived we found a lovely little spot on the edge of the local footy oval and set up our living quarters for the week.
Cheers in Abby Ale
The town itself had an amazing history. It was settled and maintained for many, many years by Benedictine Monks. A Spanish monk came to Australia and was sent into the area to convert the locals, that is, the Aboriginals. He apparently did such an amazing job of becoming their friend and they really respected him and him them. The settlement grew over the years and missions where founded and then schools and on and on it went. Artisan tradesmen would come and work there not only to teach the mission children but also to build and develop the churches, chapels and whatever else they had going on. At some stage a miracle occurred there too which doesn't hurt a town's reputation does it!
There are still monks there now, as the town is still run/owned by them but there are no kids or nuns anymore.
Fooling with pool
They get the bulk of their income through the tourist trade now. There is a ripper of a tour and the accompanying retail outlet brings in a few dollars. You can rent a better class of sleeping arrangement then we opted for if you want to meet a monk too.
To my joy I found out that they also have a bakery there. The bread is baked in a billion year old wood oven and used to be made by the monks but now a local guy does it and it gets sold all over the place. I asked if I could watch him do some baking but my offer was politely declined. Not being too put out we tried a couple of loaves, as I love a good loaf of bread, but I wasn't jumping over the moon impressed- and it wasn't coz he wouldn't let me watch! The loaf I would have probably jumped over the moon for cost $7.80 but even I have a limit on the price I will pay for bread!
There is an interesting museum which I spent quite some time in when the kids had been annoying me one afternoon and I needed a wee break. And also an impressive art collection, or so we were told.
None of us got to see it as I still had to get that assignment written regardless of how many times the kids annoyed me and the rest of the family had been less than impressed with the place. In fact, I think at one stage Ben asked when we would be leaving this hell!! Uncultured child!
The rest of our week was spent with the kids riding their bikes and Rasmus fixing the 1000 punctures they kept getting from the spikes in the not so lush green grass of the oval.
Oil Change on the Oval
Getting quite the list of achievements under his belt Rasmus also managed to change the oil in the car for the first time. (Then we had to carry 50* liters of dirty oil around with us for months** until we could find a place to get rid of it!!!)
Mothers day
It was here we also celebrated that magical moment in a child's life-Mother's Day.
I received 3 beautiful hand made cards-and no, I will not say whose I liked the best Ben- and some yummy soaps. Then we got our best gear on and went to the local hotel for the pizza dinner they had on the menu that night~just a quick note on that subject, mine is better :o)

Bush walk in flip flops

Monks of New Norcia were into the quackery world of Homoeopathy

Vis New Norcia på et større kort

* 10 liters , ** weeks

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